Plywood birch FK brand, grade 4/4, NSh, 1525kh1525mm

FC - plywood, for gluing sheets of veneer sheet of this brand, carbamide resins are used. The abbreviation of FC means: F - plywood, K - carbamide glue. Such qualities as strength, moisture resistance, environmental safety allows the use of FC plywood in a wide range. Basically - for interior decorating. Special demand for plywood FC is used by furniture manufacturers, designers and builders.

Plywood FC is a laminated laminated structure consisting of three or more sheets of wood veneer with mutually perpendicular arrangement of fibers in adjacent layers. This gives plywood form stability, increased strength in various directions, which is an undoubted advantage over natural wood. Plywood, like natural wood, is a material that can be easily processed and perfectly combined with other materials, and the cost of plywood is incomparably lower than wood.

All FC plywood is produced only in the size of 1.525 × 1.525 m and only from hardwood veneer (mainly birch). You can specify the price of plywood of the FK brand having called by phones specified in a contact data.