Copy Birch plywood "RUSBIR"
Produced from quality certified raw materials.
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Our production

Plywood birch FK brand, grade 4/4, NSh, 1525kh1525mm

FC - plywood, for gluing sheets of veneer sheet of this brand, carbamide resins are used. The abbreviation of FC means: F - plywood, K - carbamide glue. Such qualities as strength, moisture resistance, environmental safety allows the use of FC plywood in a wide range. Basically - for interior decorating. Special demand for plywood FC is used by furniture manufacturers, designers and builders.

Plywood FC is a laminated laminated structure consisting of three or more sheets of wood veneer with mutually perpendicular arrangement of fibers in adjacent layers. This gives plywood form stability, increased strength in various directions, which is an undoubted advantage over natural wood. Plywood, like natural wood, is a material that can be easily processed and perfectly combined with other materials, and the cost of plywood is incomparably lower than wood.

All FC plywood is produced only in the size of 1.525 × 1.525 m and only from hardwood veneer (mainly birch). You can specify the price of plywood of the FK brand having called by phones specified in a contact data.

Procurement Section

LLC "Plywood factory" RUSBER "buys on a permanent basis plywood ridge with a diameter of 18 cm

The quality of raw materials in accordance with GOST 9462-88

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About company

“Rusber Plywood Mill has been operating in Russia since March 2018.

During this period, the company has managed to earn high marks from its customers. The plant is located in the Kirov region. It is an ecologically clean and rich birch forest region of Russia. Rusber uses the most modern technology and equipment. The production gathered some of the most experienced experts in the production of plywood.

This allows us to confidently declare high standards of product quality. We actively implement innovative solutions in our business and try to make optimal use of our resources.

We respect and value our customers, both in Russia and abroad!

Questions and answers
What is the difference between birch plywood and plywood from other wood species?

Birch plywood is stronger than many other wood-based panels. It is 20% stronger than pine and spruce plywood, and 2.5 times stronger than aspen plywood. In terms of weight / strength ratio, birch plywood exceeds steel by 3 times. FC RUSBER releases plywood only from birch!

How is RUSBER plywood used in construction?

RUSBER construction plywood is a structural material, popular in various areas of construction, made from birch.

It is widely used as plywood for formwork in monolithic construction, with the construction of the roof, walls and floor in frame construction, for interior decoration and in the production of floor coverings.

Builders appreciate RUSBER plywood for its high strength and durability. This allows you to use it as reusable plywood for formwork.

Designers choose birch plywood for aesthetic qualities and ease of processing, favorable price. This allows you to create bright, eco-friendly interiors.

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